4. Snapshot of Transitions

Life moves so quickly. I’m currently 11 days post-finals and everything has changed while nothing has changed. Since 12 days ago, I have finished my 1L (first) year of law school, taught a 10-hour day, performed in my first ballet since moving to D.C., started my first legal internship, and moved in with my boyfriend into our first apartment together. Those are only the big events.

While so much has happened, it also feels like nothing has happened. The biggest changes I currently notice in my day-to-day life are really the little things. Our cat Rumple now gets more room to play and roam. Ricardo and I get to make breakfast together in the mornings and now have an entire cupboard dedicated to tea and coffee and mugs. I can read novels in my leisure time. And I can finally go to ballet class again.

These are all the small things that make the biggest differences in the world to me. They illuminate my life. Just the daily act of living is made so special and wondrous because of these moments; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is magic in this world and that magic is found in the joyful moments of everyday life. Yes, the big moments – like finishing a year of school or the moment you first open the door to your first shared apartment – are moments worth living for. But those types of events don’t come around every day or week or even year. Sometimes they’re once-in-a-lifetime moments. I’m never again going to finish my first year of law school or move in for the first time with my significant other. But that’s alright. Moments that are just as magical are building furniture with Ricardo as we realize half-way through that we put in one of the sides backwards, or getting to watch Rumple frolic through the piles of empty boxes piling up.

Magical moments also include getting to go take ballet class and finally realizing you can actually do a step you’ve always been scared of, or executing a perfectly balanced double fuette into a pique arabesque. Magical moments come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties.

One of the themes of life that I have been continually reminded of over the past few weeks is that change is the only constant. Life changes. Life is constantly changing and the best thing to do is take it in stride and embrace every moment before letting it go.

There’s a danger in holding onto the past. There is also a danger in living too much in the future. I have lived both existences. These past few months have been the first time in my life that I am truly happy to live in the current moment, with this person, and with this life. I never thought such a thing would be possible. I am so happy to be proven wrong.

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